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Now, let me tell you a bit about me, Serena Janes, and my work. This is the story of how I began writing romance.

People who know me as a mild-mannered college teacher would never suspect that behind the bun and glasses lurks a romance writer moaning to be released. It started this way.

A few years ago I was watching my students write an exam. One, in particular, was having a tough time with his essay question. He sat there for the longest time, just staring at the blank page.

I felt empathy for his struggle with writer's block, but I was also bored to death. So I picked up a blank exam booklet and began to fill it in myself.

What I wrote had nothing to do with school work. I began to craft a sex scene from a story that had been floating around in my head for a long time. Two hours later, I read what I had written and -- wow! It was pretty damned good!

Or so I thought at the time. From there I fleshed out a first draft of what became an erotic romance. I called it Her First French Lover. Then I redrafted it a dozen times and it became The Red Bandana.  After another twenty or so rewrites it morphed into what it is today --
Cult of the Black Virgin.


And here's a bit of biography.

I can't imagine what life would be like without stories. I love to read, and I am so grateful for the gift of literacy. In fact I dedicated Cult of the Black Virgin to my mother, "for teaching me to read."

I began my career as a reader in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I attended three different schools in the first grade, but moving around didn't slow me down in the reading and writing department. After graduating high school I went on to drop out of nursing school, then became a professional gift wrapper, cashier, and construction worker. Eventually my love of stories led me to university, two degrees in English, and then to a career teaching college. It's been a good fit.

Today I live with my husband on beautiful Vancouver Island, across the street from a beach.  Besides reading and writing, my grand passion is travel.  My goal is to write a book set in every one of the amazing countries I've visited. 

So far I've set part of my fiction in the following countries:

I've just returned from a tour of Cuba, so expect to see Cuba as a setting in one of my next stories.

I also love gardening, cooking, swimming, beach combing, needlework, collecting stamps and vintage postcards, making silver jewelry and mosaics, and sewing.


When it comes to writing romance, I suppose I'm driven by a philosophy.  

I create character-driven fiction based on real people, interacting with other real people, in the real world. The world is a marvelous, mysterious, exciting and wonderful place just the way it is. And I want to write about it. I also believe that what goes on between a person's ears is the most fascinating aspect of this world.

As far as romance goes, I think stories are far more engaging if they are as realistic as possible -- if they portray believable people and events. This way, readers can more easily imagine that they themselves can experience grand passions, mind-blowing sex, and the joys of romantic love.

I write for all of us who want to know what happens after a man and a woman meet, struggle with their overwhelming attraction for each other, overcome the conflict that insists they shouldn't/wouldn't/couldn't, then come together in an explosion of passion.

A story's setting is also important in my work, because beautiful or exotic settings encourage my characters to explore their adventurous side. Food, too. I always include descriptions of what my characters are eating, cooking and buying at the market.  In Cult of the Black Virgin, for example, my heroine is seduced as much by the French delicacies she eats and drinks as she is by her French lover. And in Just Desserts, desserts feature throughout as symbol of the forbidden or unattainable reward.

 You can buy my books eXtasy Books and Devine Destinies
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